Sara McDonald
Contemporary Canadian Artist


(posted on 16 Feb 2019)

Lately I have been exploring restricted palettes in an effort to reduce wasting time and paint when I use the wrong colours when I'm painting. It's been alot of fun, and very relaxing to make up palette charts.

Here's a palette using Yellow-green, Green, and Green-Blue (Cool)  using Hansa Y Middle, Cobalt Blue and neutrals (B.Sienna, Raw Sienna, Paynes Grey & T. White).











This one shows Red-Violet, Red & Red-Orange (Cool) using Alizarin Crimson, Cobalt Blue and Hansa Y Middle (also B.Sienna, T. White and Paynes Grey)



Stay tuned for the same palettes in the WARM versions....

Keep warm!


(posted on 16 Jul 2018)

I'm finally getting back into the studio and am DETERMINED to carve out time on a regular basis.

Right now I'm working with some old monotypes on rice paper that were castoffs. I've done an ink wash of color over and glued them down to some canvasses. The marks are from Ponderosa Pine needles... one of my favorite things to print with.  Now I'll start working with a grid and see where it goes  stay tuned!

  Detail of work in progress (left)

                                    Starting the grid (below)

(posted on 13 Aug 2016)

Hello everyone -

Finally - I have some work out in the public again!

I'm in a group exhibition at the Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna (across from Prospera Place).

Please see link for more info:

I have 5 mixed media pieces on canvas - here's one image, the rest are on the 'Gallery ' page in my website.

There are also 2 long horizontal paper works that feature vintage knitting patterns with my own captions - the theme of these pieces is gender stereotyping in old knitting patterns and specifically looking at the props used in the photos. I had fun with these! Here's a detail from one....

(posted on 25 Apr 2016)

Downsizing the Studio Stash...

My family has been going to Vancouver Island for one week in July since the 1960's.

For many years, I have been collecting stones and moon snail shells there, and when I recently moved, I was reminded of the bins marked 'FRAGILE - Shells' that I have been storing for years.

I need to reduce my studio stuff, so my first project after moving was to make a couple of shell mosaics that I can hang outside.

This was a fun project - and experimental. I had to try out 3 different adhesives and I have yet to see how the pieces hold up after a hot Okanagan summer and a freezing winter.

It's not perfect by any means, but I kind of like it.

Hello everyone -

As you can see on a new webpage in this website and in the 'Gallery' section, I have added several new images to the art/marks card line. You can now also purchase the cards at 'Green and Bear It' in the Mission area of Kelowna (BC, Canada)

The biggest news is that I've changed my name back to my birth name - McDonald, so changed the website. The old site address should work for awhile longer - any site visitors there will be directed to the new site.

In a few days I am moving my home - the new townhouse has a great studio space, so once that is set up, I look forward to producing more work and posting it on the site.

Thank you for your interest!


(posted on 18 Mar 2014)

Well... I admit it has taken me quite awhile to get this on the road!

However, the art/marks cards are now available at Funktional in downtown Kelowna. ($5.50 each)

Here's a couple of samples - see the 'art/marks' webpage on this site to all the rest

(posted on 29 Dec 2012)

Well, this is exciting... and a bit daunting. I've never created a webiste, although ArtSites does provide a pretty foolproof way to do it. Give me a bit of time to get it all organized please!

My focus of late has been my daughter's due date - I've been knitting and sewing lots of baby things. I've also been painting. The theme of the nursery is 'jungle', so I created two 16'x 16" canvasses - so much fun and so very different that anything I usually do in the studio... enjoy

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